Treatment Packages

My bespoke TuiNa massage treatment packages focus on key muscles within different regions of your body. The neck and shoulders, lower back and legs and arms are common parts of the body that can become injured through being over worked or stressed.  If not addressed these imbalances can cause other symptoms and conditions to develop.
By targeting particular muscle groups within different regions of the body, these treatments help your body be relaxed, stronger and more flexible. As part of the package you will also receive a collection of exercises. These exercises help targeted muscle groups to repair, have increased oxygen and nutrient supplies, be more supple and be less prone to injury and fatigue.

What do you get?

Five or Ten 60 minute treatment packages including a Personalised Home Exercise programme from £180-£450*




This package is for your upper body. Helping to relieve stress and tension in the neck and shoulders area. Particularly good for people who suffer from headaches and migraines, tight shoulders, neck related complaints or spend extended time on a computer.

Seat of Empowerment

A lower back package. This package concentrates on relaxing and strengthening muscles in the lower part of your back. Particularly good for back and hip complaints as well as alleviating Sciatica. Good for those of you who spend a long time on your feet or have issues with posture.

Active In Nature

Designed for people who want to enjoy the great outdoors.  Carrying equipment in the outdoors such as rucksacks and camera bags can put muscles under greater strain. This package helps you to enjoy a more active lifestyle in nature without the aches and pains.

All in One

A general package for your whole body. Key groups of muscles from the top of the neck to the toes are given special attention. Helping to restore your body's natural rhythm. This package is a good way to give the whole body a chance to let go of stress, relax and promote the body natural healing processes.

Treatment package Price list

Treatment Packages must be booked and paid for in advance.

5x60 minute treatment Option

Wapping Clinic £180

Home treatments starting from £275

10x60 minute treatment Option

Wapping Clinic £350

Home Treatments starting from £450